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Experience + Technology = Alpha

About Drakai Capital

Drakai Capital is a Paris based investment management firm that augments credit investing with technology to produce consistent low-volatility alpha.

The firm’s flagship offering is a systematic credit strategy that is cross asset in the United States and Europe.

Investing in liquid and clearable instruments, the firm builds strategies that are diversified and highly additive to investors’ portfolios.

Technological and scientific innovation are the hallmark of the firm’s value proposition.


The firm was founded in 2019 by a team of experienced professionals with a proven track record of generating alpha via systematic credit strategies.

Born from its extensive experience in credit and equity derivatives markets, the team focuses on capturing value from mispricing across asset classes. By constructing long short trades and well diversified portfolios, Drakai Capital can generate consistent uncorrelated alpha.

Drakai Capital has a strong partnership with the academic world. The firm scientific committee is headed by award winning professor of quantitative finance at Ecole Polytechnique.


Regulators’ push for credit electronic trading and trade transparency creates an opportunity to take a systematic approach to credit investing.

Drakai Capital believes that credit investing has most to benefit from advances in data science and artificial intelligence.

Drakai Capital rigorous and scientific approach leverages technology and statistical methods, to identify much greater opportunities and to reduce human bias in credit investing.


Drakai Capital’s objective is to create well-diversified portfolios that seek to produce consistent, low-volatility alpha.

The firm alpha is threefold:

Leverage experience and technology to exploit cross asset market inefficiencies.

Build diversified portfolios to reduce volatility.

Ensure the best access and best execution on the market.

Effectively accessing the credit market represents a meaningful barrier to entry. Drakai Capital has superior credit expertise, cross asset specific technology, and professional track record for optimal performance.

Drakai Capital is among very few pure-play, market neutral and cross asset quantitative credit strategies.

The firm is open to external professional investors.

Climate Action

Drakai Capital’s asset management policies and the management orientation of our investment fund do not focus on the integration of ESG objectives and, the investments underlying this financial product do not take into account the EU criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities. To learn more about our ESG approach, please refer to this link.

Simultaneously, Drakai Capital believes that every single step matters in the fight against climate change. We aim to balance our carbon footprint through various climate action projects. As a responsible company, Drakai Capital plants a tree for every trade and every investor subscription.

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